Unbound Anew

The Hermit has stepped into the room. This week’s energy is subtle but deep, quietly turning us inward, despite the distractions of the spotlight. Yes, we can feel everyone’s eyes on us, but the only “vision” that matters right now is ours. How we see ourselves, how we notice our imperfections, and how we navigate our vulnerabilities will affect how, when, and why we move forward.

We are not the same people we were 3 years ago. Collectively and individually, COVID changed our perception of life, ourselves, and others (consciously and subconsciously) beyond human comprehension.

Let’s face it, dear collective, we’re all walking on new ground now, and “not moving forward” is simply not an option. And yes, I understand that facing the unknown and our unlimited potential can be scary. But when we dare to take the leap, we get the chance to rewrite our story and become the protagonist, a brave, beautiful, and flawed human being, worthy of the spotlight.

Unbound Anew is about finding the spark within that will inspire us to leap forward despite understandable fears, apprehension, and self-doubts. Surrender into the unknown as if our lives depended on it. Because it might! We can’t allow ego, insecurities, and feelings of unworthiness to ruin our chances to live anew, bountifully, happy, whole, and unbound.

  • LIGHT: This energy enhances our “inner sage,” promoting inner reflection, meditation, and self-contemplation, ideal for initiating shadow work, self-care routines, and shamanic journeys.
  • SHADOW: This energy can help us sort out any self-sabotaging behavior coming from deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy and disconnection.
  • POWER WORD: Surrender
  • HEALING CRYSTAL: Tanzanite
  • INTROSPECTION: How can I deepen my trust right now?

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