Cracked Open

Heart mending is not an easy task. Despite such a fortunate time of untamed success and “unbound anew” opportunities, even the thinnest unresolved love cord can hold us back, trip us down a rabbit hole, or easily become the rope where all our hopes and dreams hang until oblivion.

The Hermit’s lamp reveals a crack inside the grotto! It’s time to handle matters of the heart and heal any lingering relationship issues, including secret heartbreaks, unforeseen betrayals, agonizing unrequited love, and unexpected losses. Whether we have suffered a slight disappointment or a complete emotional upheaval, our hearts yearn for healing so that we can once again welcome soul-aligned companionship, kindred love, support, and unconditional affection.

We are all divine children of creation and deserving of love and attention. We are lovely, lovable, and worthy of love, and our souls know that. An open heart allows light and love to enter, flow freely and heal the deepest wounds in our souls. We’re collectively cracked open and ready for soulmates, true friends, and supportive allies, and our new journey depends on them. But they can’t come in until we release self-limiting beliefs, fears, or misplaced values regarding love and friendship.

Our creator asks that we consider forgiving those who once hurt us. And that we find a deeper meaning in the connections in question despite the pain, anger, or discomfort. Please keep in mind that we’ve been asked to forgive, not to forget! We must learn our lessons and apply our acquired wisdom moving forward.

We can start by forgiving ourselves for whatever we feel we “could of” or “should of” done and by releasing (for good) all self-judgment, silly demands, or unrealistic expectations we punish ourselves with, and by establishing new strong self-love-driven and self-compassionate boundaries.

Energy Aspects

  • LIGHT: Embrace higher-self alignment and authentic self-expression to help attract our soulmates and soul family.
  • SHADOW: Heal suppressed emotions, fear of vulnerability, and unresolved love, trust, and intimacy issues.
  • POWER WORD: Forgiveness
  • HEALING CRYSTAL: Pink Amethyst
  • INTROSPECTION: How can I infuse more self-love and compassion into my daily life?

Go Deeper

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