Phoenix Rising

Self-care is a crucial and fundamental requirement to trigger, create and sustain an authentic path to self-empowerment. Going within and attending to the yearnings and unique needs of our soul is profound self-care.

Shadow work is self-contemplation with the purpose of healing and experiencing candid self-realizations and breakthroughs. Thru shadow work you’ll be able to transmute and clear out everything old, stagnant, toxic, unhealed, or fragmented that is holding you back and keeping you from physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, social, or financial wellbeing, whether it’s karmic, ancestral, generational, past life, inner child or presently accumulating.

Phoenix Rising Life by Design is the Path’s to Empowerment’s official shadow work tool.

Intentionally crafted by King Gaia, this powerful 21-day challenge is candid, profound, and truly transformational.  Its alchemist and ritualistic process combine short introspective lectures, candid mindset self-assessment, breathwork techniques, and energy healing guided visualizations for a true body-mind-spirit life force shift.

This private and confidential self-assessment and coach-guided self-love journey tackle negativity detox, chakra clearing, emotional scale balancing, prosperity mindset reframe, and (conscious and subconscious) blockage release for a radical new beginning.

You will be guided thru a simplistic yet focused and compassionate inner work journey, that is going to help you identify, target, and release energetic imbalances and all emotional, mental, spiritual, and physically manifested blockages obstructing your personal and professional growth.

Although this tool is structured as a 21-day journey, free lifetime access is automatically granted, so you can work at your own rhythm and come back as many times as needed.

Use Code SHADOWWORK for 100% Free Access

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