King’s Council

King’s Council is a coach-guided interactive shadow work group session created to support and enhance your Phoenix Rising inner work. It’s a virtual live (via zoom) in which you get to connect with King Gaia and bring any questions and concerns forward.

IMPORTANT: This turning point session focuses 100% on your Phoenix Rising free shadow work tool experience, so it’s expected and required for you to experience the 21-day challenge before booking your session.

We’ll go over the 21-day journey, and questions you may have, and you’ll receive guidance on what you should focus on, what’s working or not for you, how to set realistic goals, and a recommended course of action on how to move forward, overcome your unique tower, embracing self-care, self-love, and compassion.

Your Phoenix Rising experience is 100% private and confidential. The self-assessment exercises and the journaling are for your eyes only! This session is for you to become more clear and able to sort out things. Anything you choose to share during this group counseling is at your own will and discretion.

Additional Support

If you are not comfortable in a group setting, you can book a private 1:1 session instead.


What You Need to Know

  • The session is a private group chat via zoom (not a public or live stream event) and is limited to 22 participants! So be sure to RSVP your seat.
  • Please complete the RSVP form to the best of your ability to help establish the session’s intent and best outcome.
  • We respect your privacy. Your real name, exact location, sensitive matters, and inquiry details will never be exposed, sold, or shared. Nicknames and Alter Egos welcome!
  • We host a loving and supportive environment. All participants are expected to be respectful and compassionate of others; no interruptions and no talking until directed.
  • You’ll receive both your appointment confirmation and reading file link via email. Please provide a valid email address.
  • King Gaia will NEVER address or answer medical, legal, or financial advisory-related questions. That is not her specialty. No reading or session should not be a substitute for professional advice.
  • Always remember to honor your free will, logic, and common sense. Trust your intuition and discernment when interpreting and embracing your reading or session. Only take what resonates, leave the rest.
  • All RSVPs are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please visit our website for details on booking terms, RSVPs requirements, and refund policy details BEFORE booking your session.