Service Offerings

King Gaia is available for virtual and in-person readings, energy leadership sessions, shadow work strategy coaching, and tarot tutorials.


Collective/Group Setting

  • Weekly Tutorials (Free on YouTube)
  • Round Table Tarot Study Group $11 per Class Free for MembersNon-Member RSVP
  • King’s Audience 1-Question Reading $22 (YouTube Stream or Live Zoom Session) • Join Next Session!

Individual/Private Setting (Pre-Recorded)

Individual/Private Setting (Live Zoom or In-Person Interaction)

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FAQ. Readings vs Sessions

The option reading is a pre-recorded video (no interaction with King Gaia), when you book reading in our calendar you are selecting the time/day KIng Gaia will record. You can pick any time since your presence is NOT required. A session is a live interaction with King Gaia, virtually on Zoom or in person at a live event or specific location. When you book a session you are selecting a meeting time and your presence is required, so make sure to grab a time that works for you. [ booking terms and instructions ]

FAQ. Collective Readings

A collective reading (aka King’s Audience virtual gallery) is a virtual group reading streamed live on YouTube Tue and Thu 6pm EST. You get to reserve and submit ONE question. Your paid reservation guarantees King Gaia will answer your question. Your presence is NOT required and you get the option to use a nickname if you prefer to remain anonymous. You have the option to join group reading during live recording or you can just watch the video episode later! Join our next King’s Audience

FAQ. 1:1 Reading Options (pre-recorded, no interaction w/King Gaia)

  • Path Revelation: Created by popular demand this simple-and-to-the-point free-flow reading gives you the freedom and flexibility to ask your ONE most urgent and specific question. More Info
  • Here and Now: This reading delivers awareness, comfort, peace of mind, validation, and urgent messages from spirit, along with answers to your top 3 questions. All about energy leadership, maximizing a forecast vibration, and accessing what you need to know right now! More Info

FAQ. Individual Energy Leadership Sessions Options

King Gaia’s signature sessions carry specific focus, energy, and intent to help maximize the experience. Each layout works as a canvas or blueprint guiding how to move forward safely, confidently, and strategically through life’s crucial milestones.


  1. Free Flow: This is a “blank canvas” that allows you to explore any topic or concern, asking spirit to reveal urgencies and what you should focus on.
  2. Starseed Awakening: Return to Self, Spiritual Wholeness, Surrender, Divine Mission Acknowledgment.
  3. True North: Life Purpose, True Calling, Destiny, Akasha, and the Big Picture.
  4. Light Divine: Healing, Negativity Detox, Light Activation, Cord Cutting, and Energy Healing.
  5. Authentic Self: Self-Awareness, Authenticity, Personal Leadership, Archetype Framework, and Self-Mastery.
  6. The One: Love and Relationships, You vs. Them, Romantic Compatibility, and Healing Existing Connections. This session answers the big love question of them all: Are you in the right relationship or not?! Explore compatibility and learn how to properly nurture (or dissolve) an existing romantic connection or relationship in your life. Although is crafted with romantic love intent, you can also explore friendship, family, collaboration, or romantic connections’ compatibility.
  7. Journey to Union: Manifesting Love, Karmic Soul Contracts, Soulmate/Twin Flame Connection.
  8. Towers Within: Shadow Work, Overcoming Hardship, Healing, Personal Transformation, Life Reset; “Tower” Moment and Dark Night of the Soul Survival.

♥️ Safety and Privacy Disclosures

  • Please beware of social media scams. King Gaia DOES NOT solicit nor process payments on social media platforms or any website/online directory outside our management or control.
  • Special promotions may run on verifiable, reputable, and safe affiliate sites but ultimately all payments are processed on *this* website.
  • We honor your privacy and will always do our best to keep your info safe. Please process all inquiries, booking requests, and payments within our safe and encrypted website.
  • For specific booking instructions, and information on our data collection and safety recommendations please refer to our booking termsprivacy policy, and terms of use.