Soul Imprint


My signature bio-energetic Soul Imprint Akashic Report is a tool that takes your shadow work and intentional manifestation work to the next level. I proudly utilize the Qest4 bio-energetic testing for my screenings. It’s harmless, noninvasive, and done 100% remotely. I focus my sessions on 3 crucial areas:

  • Identify self-defeating emotions, chakra imbalances, conscious and subconscious negativity, past and present traumas, self-limiting beliefs, personality traits, trapped in your energy field, cellular memory, and emotional/mental field.
  • Childhood or inner child issues unveiling any thought patterns or imprints from conception on; consisting of mother’s trauma, false beliefs, generational imprints, learned behaviors, suppressed experiences, or subconscious thoughts that no longer serve us. 
  • And lastly, a list of all the emotions and challenges your body has immediately chosen to heal and release as well as what you would like to manifest. It also identifies holistic healing therapies, crystals, and affirmations that will help your healing and transformation the most.