Our YouTube classroom’s membership tiers have been crafted to honor and support the unique spiritual and energetic needs and demands of our collective.

Tier 1: Audience (Standard)

  • Extended Forecast featuring the Top 3 predictions of the month.
  • 50% OFF Discount on our monthly Beacon.

Tier 2: Vault (Premium)

  • Access to all Tier 1 perks and weekly energy leadership sessions for real-life integration of everything that’s on forecast or “on the table” for our collective. The sessions will reveal both divine and mundane aspects of our lives presently affected by factors beyond our control: path revelations on love, money, and well-being; urgent matters from both shadow self and higher-self guidance.

Tier 3: Round Table (VIP)

  • Access to all Tier 2 perks and our Tarot School. You get to enjoy our in-depth Arcana study group curriculum and archives.

Tier 4: Inner Circle (Protege Super Fan)

  • Access to all Tier 3 perks! And a guaranteed private “True North” reading to help you stay on track and in alignment with your inner compass. The (monthly) reading is pre-recorded and it provides a heads-up and the answer to your most urgent question. Limited to one question! So use wisely.