Woken Leader Mastermind

Woken Leader Mastermind is a mindfulness and success-focused (conscious) leadership and (holistic) entrepreneurship development incubator for self-empowerment enthusiasts who are passionate about purpose and self-improvement, and deeply committed to living and working at their highest authentic vibration.

Membership features weekly self-paced and/or coach-guided coaching training sessions focused on self-realization and purpose alignment helping you create and integrate your very own intuitive and evolutionary action plan to self-mastery and a profitable business.

12-week curriculum navigates all levels of commitment and dedication to self, from self-care, inner & outer balance, planning and executing goals, to embracing personal and professional breakthroughs and achieving meaningful life-changing milestones. In addition to the pursuit of self-mastery and setting the tone and intention for a powerful transformational journey you will learn business development strategies and leadership essentials that will help you elevate your mission, define your purpose, clarify your message, acknowledge your worth, welcome wealth and build your legacy.

Along with mindset shifts, personal encouragement, and validation, each week we’ll navigate all aspects of business development. Nothing is left to chance and everything is covered, from conception, planning, structure, execution strategies, sales, branding, online and offline marketing, customer building techniques, sales funnels, active and passive income streams, and how to make entrepreneurship work for you. Woken Leader Mastermind is the ultimate will guide you on how to create, grow and sustain your authentic holistic/mindful business practice in complete alignment with who you truly are.

Mastermind will benefit…

  • Spiritual, green, heart-centered experts eager to create, grow, save and/or protect their dream business.
  • Founders, creatives, CEOs, self-employed, small business owners, community leaders, holistic practitioners, holistic doctors, healers, coaches, visionaries, innovators, progressive entrepreneurs, and kindred catalysts of change who are serious about their purpose, their influence and how to make a difference in our world.
  • Rising or re-emerging leaders who want to make a living doing what they love but are in need of expert guidance on how to make safe, smart, and logical strategies for scaling profit.
  • Solo-entreprenerus, startups, small and growing businesses that can benefit from structure, best practices, focus, and strategy.

By the end of your program, you will have an authentic and powerful mindful action plan (m.a.p) we call the Evolutionary Blueprint™, consisting of a personal manifesto, business plan, marketing plan, sales plan, and financial plan ready for immediate action and integration. Ideal to track growth, and attract powerful partnerships, kindred investors, and impactful funding. Evolutionary Blueprint™ aims to become a unique tool to help you 1) follow your progress, 2) focus your creative energy and productivity, 3) expand your vision, 4) maximize your reach, and 5) narrow down smart strategies and direct paths to greater income.

  • Membership and participation is by application only.
  • This partnership is a 12-week commitment, billed weekly or prepaid monthly.
  • Optional celebratory VIP weekend retreat participation available to graduates.