Inner Circle

My dear soulmate, if you ever feel that you are in this world but somehow you are not of this world…please know that you’re not alone. You’re part of the Woken Collective. And we’re on this together. ~ King Gaia

We are the indigo adults and starseeds, parents of crystals and rainbows; we are gifted wayseers, seekers and pathfinders activating, supporting, and leading the collective awakening; we are empaths, sensitives, lightworkers, intuitive healers, psychics, mediums, teachers, coaches, luminaries and visionaries in need of healing, spiritual guidance, validation, authentic mindful connections, and a like-minded supportive community.

We are here serving a special mission or soul contract and its demand may trigger self-doubt, deep suffering, and challenges along the way. And we often experience the extremes of energy sensitivity, mental confusion, and emotional overwhelm from the ups and downs of our human experience.

The journey can be hard but know that you are blessed, divinely guided, and protected.

Our Inner Circle is here to support you and to help you remember who you truly are! And as a member, you earned the invaluable and well-deserved advantage on relevant energetic influences and manifestation flow heads up. 

This member-only secret vault holds the key to energy leadership! The gift of understanding, nurturing, cultivating, protecting, and elevating your energy so you can enjoy life, accomplish your mission and become an intentional best-life co-creator.

Inner Circle is an invitation for you to…

  • Understand your evolved empathic nature
  • Shift your energy and work your light
  • Release karma and navigate your shadow work with ease
  • Discover and unleash your innate gifts and cosmic powers
  • Master healthy boundaries and self-worth
  • Safely and strategically embrace your soul contract (akasha) and bring your soul’s purpose forward
  • Design your dream life and business with confidence

Our monthly energy forecast and weekly updates will grant you peace of mind and further clarity on how to flow thru challenges, identify blessings, avoid negativity, embrace healing and learning opportunities, and how to make powerful universal forces work to your advantage in all aspects of your life. 

Membership Dues $11.11 Per Month