Cosmic Clout

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August 2022 came in with a bang! Dropping sacred codes, spiritual downloads, unique money manifestations, and granted wishes for the chosen collective. And to top it off, a huge spotlight, all eyes on you, while you experience a deep and well-deserved mind-blowing transformation. Yes! Success is finally charging your way and your divine purpose is unfolding for the grab. 

And I truly hope you’re ready, my dear collective. This is all about our light. And the time is now.

As we are about to close the month, we’re feeling a vibrational peak, both inviting and invoking, for us to celebrate our victories, validate our divinity, and recognize just how much we have grown. Cosmic clout is not about ego, it’s about acknowledging significant milestones and becoming the best version of ourselves so that we can fulfill our life’s mission (or akasha).

  • LIGHT: This energy serves well to manifest a boost of confidence and the spark needed to ignite (or finish) passion-driven projects. Surrender to purpose!
  • SHADOW: This energy is perfect for healing self-doubt and releasing everything and everyone who no longer aligns with an upgraded version of you. No more hesitation or procrastination allowed!
  • POWER WORDS: Confidence, Self-Efficacy, Assertiveness
  • CRYSTAL: Sunstone

Self-Alignment Introspection (Journal Prompts)

  • Are you one of the chosen ones?
  • If so, can you handle the spotlight?
  • Do you have what it takes to leverage this remarkable position?
  • And finally, what are you going to do with all this power?

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