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FAQ’s Answers

  • Yes, I am available for virtual and live 1:1 readings and sessions. View offerings, rates and availability.
  • Yes, I am available to speak/teach at conferences, expos, community gatherings, special retreats and corporate events.
  • Yes, I am interested in collaborating with relevant and positive media, podcasts, brands, and empowerment projects. You can mail us your product samples, gift baskets, gift certificates, brochures and media kits.
  • Yes, I will review and consider all inspiring, ethical, purposeful and financially rewarding win/win brand collabs and ambassador propositions. Popular interests: spirituality, metaphysical arts, holistic lifestyles, health & wellness, fitness & nutrition, wellness travel, women empowerment, eco-fashion and sustainability.
  • Yes, I can provide a recent comp card and bio sheet upon request. I reserve the right to accept and/or decline collaborations based on inner intutive guidance, my values or my personal preferrences.
  • Yes, I do offer advertising opportunities within my podcast, youtube stories, free lectures and weekly e-newsletter. No advertising insertions available in my webinars or private sessions.
  • Yes, I welcome vendor and sponsor partnership for our live events and retreats, including participation in our Holistic Globe® main event and tour.
  • No. I am not interested in accommodating barter/exchange deals, nor joining any mlm/direct sales pyramids, CPA/CPC/PPC, reselling, or commission driven affiliations.
  • No. I am not interested in joining “brand ambassador collabs” in which I need to “apply” or pay for your merchandise. Purchasing your merchanside (or “paying for shipping”) makes me a customer, not a partner.

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