About Bookings

  • Readings are Video Recorded, Sessions are 1:1 Live via Zoom or In-Person.
  • When booking a **reading** on our appointment calendar, you will select the date and time of your reading. Meaning that’s when King Gaia will record it. The video will be sent to you within 48 hours of the date and time you select. Ex: If you book your reading for Feb 22 at 2PM, it will be sent to you by Feb 24 at 2PM
  • If you are booking a reading (video recorded) your presence is NOT required. So even if you are not available when my schedule is open you can pick ANY time for me to record. It will NOT affect the reading’s outcome.
  • When booking a **session** on our appoitnment calendar, you will select the specific date and time of visit or your zoom call. Appointment confirmation (and private Zoom link if applicable) will be sent to your email address once payment has been received.
  • When you schedule your session or reading, you instantly remove that specific scheduling option for someone else; therefore all readings and sessions bookings and payments are non-refundableno exceptions. Even if you cancel your reading or session, your payment will not be refunded.
  • All readings are in pre-recorded video format, and will be emailed to you as a private and unlisted video link (only those who have the link can view it). The video will stay up in our archive for 3 months, but can be removed sooner at your request.
  • You have the option of including a set limit of questions and a brief back story for your questions. This can include more information about the situation or the connections you are asking about, however, if you prefer not to include or share a back story, it is not required. Questionaire and appointment calendar links are avalable on our home page toolkit widget (left side).
  • King Gaia will NOT address or answer medical, legal or financial advisory related questions. That is not her specialty. No reading or session should not be a substitute for professional advice.
  • Always remember to honor your free will and common sense. No reading or session could ever change your nature or dictate your future. Trust your intuition and discerment when interpreting and embracing your reading/session.

Safety Disclaimer

Please beware of fake events, online “contests” and social media scams.

King Gaia DOES NOT solicit on social media platforms or any website or online directory outside our management or control. Special promotions may run on verifiable, reputable, and safe affiliate sites. For information on our data collection and safety recommendations please refer to our privacy policy and terms of use.

We honor your privacy and will always do our best to keep you safe.

Please process all inquiries, booking requests, and payments within our safe and encrypted website.