Meet & Greet @NumaGaia

  • Human Potential Coach
  • Metaphysical Teacher and Reiki Master
  • Holistic Business Strategist
  • Venture Capitalist
  • ACE® Certified Functional Fitness Personal Trainer
  • US Army Veteran (Financial Field)

Our authentic self holds our utmost power. ~ Numa Gaia

About My #WokenLeader Journey

In this lifetime, I wear many hats and serve my purpose thru different roles. I organically navigate between metaphysical arts, fitness, business development, finance, and down-to-earth real-life integrations.

I am a very eclectic new age nerd with a strong financial and corporate development background, who knows for a fact that no training, tactic, strategy, new skills, or breakthrough will make any difference in our personal or professional life if we do not have a personal foundation in which our mindset and goals are in complete alignment with our authentic energy, intent, purpose, self-worth, and values. 

My life’s work is driven by the strong vision of a world where humanity becomes awaken and once woken or awaken, the emerging and re-emerging #wokenleaders will embrace full potential by accessing resources, tools, and fellow experts to help them succeed in all aspects of our lives. 

As part of the collective awakening team, I am on a mission to shift, transform and uplift your perception, acceptance, and integration of true self-empowerment. In body, mind, and spirit. And this kind of change, permanent and profound, the one that truly lasts and becomes a definite part of you, it’s done at a mindset level.

I believe we all share the same ability to make positive changes in our lives and our world, and at any point in our human existence, we can be both inspired and guided to become balanced, happy, healthy, mindful, successful, and compassionate human beings.

My very own #WokenLeader journey has been a long, profound, and steady one. I was lucky enough to find my true calling early in life. And for the past 2 decades, I have gathered the wisdom, skills, and unapologetic authenticity to become a guiding light in service to humanity. 

I enjoy investing my energy, time, money, and resources in projects close to my heart, and my goal is to inspire and guide those who want to be woken leaders, doers, and game-changers. My coaching practice serves as a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental platform and support system for honest self-assessment, authentic path redesign, and sustainable growth. We welcome like-minded individuals who are ready to prioritize self-love, self-care, compassion, and purpose. 

If you are reading this, you’ve been chosen and you ARE ready. And it would be my honor to help you walk your path to empowerment. I know you are amazing and powerful beyond measure. And I can prove it to you.   Your voice, dreams, messages, products, services, and resources matter now more than ever, and I hope to serve as an inspiration, reminder, or steppingstone back into your greatness.

I’m looking forward to our collaboration and I can’t wait to meet you! ~ xo